Lines Being Laid For CSpire Fiber This Week


Contractors bore holes for fiber lines on a Jackson street.

Construction begins this week on CSpire fiber service in Fondren! Morris Company will be laying the fiber lines beginning in the Council Circle area first.

You’ve probably already seen underground utilities being marked with paint. Soon you’ll see the digging of small holes to allow structure placement, horizontal lines to tie it all together and installing the main fiberhood lines.

The work, according to CSpire, will be done Monday through Friday between 7am and 5:30pm. While some Saturday work may take place, the company will not be working on Sundays.

Clean up will be done daily and any issues involving utility cuts, sprinkler systems or covering holes will be resolved as soon as possible. CSpire says they know there are special types of sod and other unique issues in the area and they’ll work with you to ensure that everything is returned to satisfactory condition after construction.

I had the opportunity to meet with Cpsire last week and they assured me a professional and cooperative experience with residents.

* Once an area is dug and covered back in sand, it may take a while before sod is installed due to other digging in the area and because of weather to acclimate sod. Please be patient as sod and areas of patching will ultimately be matched as they were before digging began.

* Although digging will not occur after 5pm, protecting open areas and safety measures may take up until dusk each evening. Please be patient, but at the same time cautious if you see something out of order or that needs immediate attention.

* Churches and businesses in the residential areas with on street parking: please call ahead to Morris Company (828-507-4771) to plan around a wedding rehearsal, funeral, visitation or special service during the day in the area of construction. Crews will do everything within their power to make sure that you have the parking you desire without additional noise in the area.

Again, thank you for your patience and as always, please call Fondren Renaissance if there any issues that arise outside of those listed.
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