Help Needed Saturday at Boyd Elementary

Boyd School. Image: JPS

This month, the City of Jackson is asking that we all join in a community-wide clean-up day.

There are many ways for everyone to be involved. From actively picking up trash on our streets to cleaning up a neighbor’s yard, becoming a part of a larger project or supplying water to those working, all of us can join in making a difference. Next weekend is the citywide push, but we would like to challenge you to become a part of our Fondren clean up by helping out at Boyd Elementary School this coming weekend.

Boyd is our Fondren partner school and the grounds of the school are in need of some help – namely, the courtyard area. There are vines that are growing up the walls, some rotten wood needs replacing, bushes and trees need to be trimmed and some even removed, a fence repaired and the community garden reworked.

If you are able to show up this Saturday, November 4 from 9 a.m. until noon or a little after, we would greatly appreciate the combined efforts. We need those just willing to lend a community spirit and hand to make a difference. If you have tools, please bring them as we will need some shovels, trimmers, clippers and such.  Many hands will make light work so we hope to see you this Saturday at Boyd School in the center courtyard (corner of Broadmeadow and Northside.)  If you are not able to make it and would like to assist with future projects, please email me your contact information as we have two other projects slated for later in the month.

Next weekend – on Saturday, November 11 – we encourage everyone to take part in the City of Jackson Neighborhood Clean-Up Day. It can be as simple as organizing a street cleanup on your block or helping out your next door neighbor in need but join the rest of the city on that day as we strive to clean up Jackson.

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