Neighborhood Associations

Broadmeadow Neighborhood Association
Located at the “top of Fondren”, the Broadmeadow neighborhood consists of that part of Fondren located north of Meadowbrook Road and south of Northside Drive, and is part of the post World War II GI Subdivision. This association was organized to serve the more specific need of the neighbors of this area in Fondren. Membership is gained by simply moving into the neighborhood.

C.O.P.S.: Community Oriented Policing & Government
C.O.P.S. is a national program created by the Department of Justice, implemented in Jackson in 2003.

C.O.P.S. purpose locally is to provide a network including city, state, and regional officials and their citizenry to share information pertinent to crime awareness & prevention, government activities, and the legislative process. The Precinct 4 C.O.P.S. meets every fourth Thursday at 5:30pm at Redeemer Church, 640 E. Northside Drive (except November and December) with set agendas and guest speakers including police, religious, education, business and community leaders. It’s also your chance to ask questions and be informed.

Dedicated to the residential neighborhoods of Fondren, OurFondren Neighborhood Association (OFNA) is focused on beautification, code enforcement, crime and communication.  Partnering with the Fondren Renaissance, C.O.P.S., SAFe, the City of Jackson and the other Fondren neighborhood organizations, OurFondren strives to move the neighborhood forward together.

Communication has been the key to OurFondren’s success in code enforcement and neighborhood watch efforts throughout the years.  By posting items on, all neighbors can be better informed about any district occurrences.  OurFondren remains vigilant in its code enforcement and neighborhood watch efforts to keep our beloved Fondren the place where people want to be.

To register with OurFondren, you must be a current resident of Fondren.  Annual dues are $40 and are payable to OFNA, P.O.Box 5265, Jackson, MS 39296.

Security Association of Fondren is an independent organization founded solely for the purpose of providing the Fondren neighborhood with a private security patrol service. SAFe has contracted with Securitas for services which include patrolling members’ homes; residence inspection when out of town; responding to requests for assistance from members or their monitoring services; escort assistance late at night; and more. For more information, please call Jerry Summerford at 601-982-2316 or

SoFo is the neighborhood ladies auxiliary. Founded by a group of residents, the group is now made up of women who live and work in Fondren. Sofo’s mission is: we are homeowners and business owners who value our property and care about the quality of life for families and neighbors; we promote the fact that Fondren is the best place to live in Jackson, and work to develop strong bonds that create community. SoFo provides a strong e-mail communication line to all members. Each month, on the third Monday, members gather for a social. Other events include the annual Easter egg hunt, spring party, holiday tree lighting and serving as volunteers for neighborhood events.

Woodland Hills Neighborhood Association
The Woodland Hills subdivision is located east of Old Canton Road and south of Wood Dale Drive. This historic section of Fondren was subdivided in the 1920’s and maintains its own covenants today.

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