About Fondren Renaissance

Fondren Renaissance Foundation was established in 1996 as a catalyst to promote preservation and revitalization throughout the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson, visit MS.  With boundaries that extend from Northside Drive on the north to Woodrow Wilson on the south and Interstate 55 on the east to Mill Street on the west, this large, historic area encompasses a diversity that reflects the overall population of the Metro Jackson area.

The FRF mission statement, “Fondren Renaissance Foundation promotes the preservation and revitalization of the greater Fondren community and empowers people, organizations, and neighborhoods to contribute to the economic growth, stability and quality of life in Fondren,” serves as a guideline for the many projects and events that are offered to the Fondren neighborhood and, in turn, to the greater Jackson community.

Fondren Renaissance has been instrumental in recruiting businesses and merchants to the historic Fondren District.  Since the formation of the foundation, residential home prices have risen substantially and Fondren has become a destination for people to visit when traveling the state.  “Fondren” has made a name for itself.  It is almost like a city within a city.

More recently promoted on the big screen in “The Help,” Fondren has become a positive and progressive area located within the city of Jackson and its Foundation continues to meet the goals of its mission statement by growing the economy and improving the quality of life in Fondren by providing a safe and healthy place to live, work and play.


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